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1, the amount of cashmere higher the better?

According to state regulations, in the amount of cashmere jacket
Not less than 50%. But usually people would think that the higher the amount of cashmere garments containing more warmth. This is not an entirely correct to say: First cashmere and how much is to compare against the same type jacket, a long down jacket and a down vest cashmere is nothing comparable. In fact, 80% cashmere jacket with the same type of thermal effects cashmere 90% and not too obvious effect, in general, 70% -80% cashmere Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Replica has to meet the requirements of most people.

2, Down thicker and warmer?

Charge down the amount is the total of all feather-filled jacket weight, it is with the size of the clothes, the length, style related. But need to be reminded not charge down the more clothes the more heavy, more warm jacket. Because as the filling density increases, the heat conduction through the filler loss is also increased. Like the previously introduced to improve the fluffy feather filler is crucial to improve the warmth, the higher the charge down the same amount, bulkiness, the more heat contained in the air down, so the better the insulating properties . It is also available in the market such as the Mont-bell of some lightweight down jacket, thermal effects are very good reasons. Some charge cashmere Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Replica incorporating more raw footage feather silk, velvet and crushed silk hair, even though the same amount of cashmere, its bulkiness also declined.

3, Down the softer the better?

Indeed quality feather plume containing certain limits tiny terrier is normal, especially if feels soft, a little terrier are intangible, such products must be careful to buy. Because some manufacturers will jackets scraps, fluffy cotton, feathers break after filling in the clothes, as down to deceive consumers. Not only fail to good thermal effects, health is also possible non-compliance.

4, white duck warmer than the gray duck, goose warmer than duck down?

Selection of white duck down jacket and gray duck is based fabric shades to decide, generally lighter in color choice of white duck fabric, darker gray duck is chosen as a filler. There are some businesses which declared goose down filled jacket warmer than duck, goose and duck is actually almost the same warmth.
Down is by far the best natural materials used for human warmth, through after washing, drying, grading, etc. Process, had been made jacket. Compared with man-made materials, thermal capacity is three times down the general synthetic materials.

Chinese Zhou Dynasty have been made with the birds plumage feathers, also known as vellus clothing. Han Dynasty helpful yak hair clothes wadding, Tang Dynasty do take plush goose clothing wadding. Down the formation of industrial production post-First World War. Shanghai’s Insein Fu Ji feather hair Factory (1927) and Guohua feather products factory (1944) is slightly scale down early Chinese manufacturing enterprises, but it was the production of down products have shortcomings exposed velvet, this problem 20 1970s due to the coating of the fabric, so that dew velvet jacket overcome this drawback, since the main winter jacket become essential goods.
Down is down industry, the main products. Down is down (Down) and feather (Feather) composition.

Down generally used in high-grade white goose down more than 90 percent, or more than 90% white duck down, more than 90% of the real strong warm down jacket, bulkiness and high, wearing a down jacket and light, and comfortable. General use down 90% cashmere, cashmere filling 230g ~ 320g (according to trade size) around the North Down to adjust to minus 20 degrees to minus 30 degrees in the environment. Down If you touch, and feel a lot of hair if the lever, then definitely not 90% down, if the jacket by hand pressure which then release the handle, then 90% up and down quickly regain its original fluffy state, if the hand press down and then let go and look down jacket or is flat, then! Down you purchase may not reach 90% down, charge down the amount is not enough, warm and very low.

Down (Down) is the bar containing no hair feathers, feather in clusters of filaments which branches grow through the pile filaments on the interlocking formation of a stable layer of thermal protection. Therefore, velvet is warm down the main material. Every ounce of down about 2 million filaments. Good quality cashmere long filaments, the formation of velvet flowers are correspondingly larger, feather (Feather) is a duck or goose in the back and tail feathers with a small feather rod, but also long after the break formed feathers, feather

5, 90% white goose down jacket

The content is not too high, but since it has effects to improve the bulkiness of the down Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Replica, it must contain a certain proportion. After the feather after washing, drying, grading process, is made jacket. Become warm winter clothing. Down with a cold is good, soft fluffy, wash convenient, inexpensive, and green natural advantages, so consumers increasingly strong demand for down jacket, down jacket market is still much room for development.